Dr. Dan Fluegel and his staff at the Vestal Chiropractic Center do everything in their power to help their patients feel better, as fast as possible, and with as few treatments as is necessary.  His services also include: education on how to avoid future problems using exercise; how to facilitate healing with supplements; onsite Massage Therapy, and state of the art equipment.

Dr Dan and his staff are friendly, courteous, and easy to talk to.  They listen when you explain your symptoms and will gladly answer any questions you may have about your condition and the treatment process.

The Vestal Chiropractic Center provides complete diagnostic testing for accurate diagnosis.  Physical and neurologic exam are included in the first visit.  If blood work up, x-rays, CT scan, or MRI are warranted, we use Wilson, Lourdes, General, or Guthrie for imaging.  We have a good relationship with the orthopedic and neuro-surgical groups in the Southern Tier.  Referral to an appropriate medical practitioner is done without hesitation if necessary. 

  • We have Decompression Therapy available:  the newest treatment option for cervical or lumbar herniated discs.
  • We have complete physiotherapy services including ultrasound, micro-current, high volt galvanism,
  • Russian stimulation, biphasic current, premodulated current, hot and cold packs.
  • We have a licensed massage therapists on site, specializing in muscle reeducation.
  • We employ exercise physiology to help strengthen and prevent recurrence of injury.
  • We use a full line of Metagenics, DaVinci, and Standard Process supplements to facilitate healing. 
  • We have three flexion-distraction tables for degenerative disc disease and disc prolapses.

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