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Dr. Dan Fluegel

1136 Front Street

Vestal, NY 13850

Phone: 607-748-5145

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I have been a patient of Dr. Dan's for several years now for issues with my neck.  When I started going I had pain so severe, there were nights when I just sat and cried, with his treatment I am steadily improving.   Dr. Dan is thorough and very knowledgeable about what he does, his office staff is helpful, friendly and compassionate.  I have recommended him to family and friends because I have such faith in his abilities.  Dottie Dzuba, Endwell, NY 

I have been going to Chiropractors all over the United States (LA, NYC, Jersey, etc) for the past 15 years.  I have been going to get my treatments for the past 10 years from Dr. Dan as he is the best there is.  His technique is effective and his bed side manor is caring and pleasant.  When I go see Dr. Dan I feel like his only patient and leave his office feeling like a bobble head doll.  I refer to him as "Dr. Dan the miracle worker".

As I sat in Dr. Dan's office waiting for my chiropractic adjustment I saw a man enter his office that was obviously having a difficult time walking ; when that same patient came out of Dr. Dan's office he was lifting his legs hip high as he walked, to show off his mobility, and announcing, with much enthusiasm and a very wide grin, to anyone that would listen: "I'm going to bottle that man and take him home, that way I can just rub the bottle and he will be there to give me an adjustment when I need one, just like a genie in a bottle. It feels great to walk normal again".


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